Advocacy for Sustainable Development

Global Sustainable Development movement is being carried all over the world. A lot of countries like Germany, Japan, Philippines, Korea are proposing the whole world to make the world a better place. All through out the world, the outcry is heard to see the future of the earth.

Nature is also crying especially that the destruction of nature is already rampant in all countries. This is why no wonder, many say that the earth soon will give up in the near future. Most people are saying that we have to go for sustainable development since we have to save the lives of the younger generation.

How should we endorse sustainable development to others? It is not easy to return the original state of the earth. Sustainable means something that continues. This is why sustainable development refers to how people would work in order to preserve the earth continue to survive on its own.

However, if there is no movement for the survival of this earth, scientists say that there is no way to survive but to die. We are killing ourselves slowly. We are the cause of our destruction. What are we doing to participate in this movement? If we are doing nothing, we are so selfish. We have to save our planet before it is too late.

The world shall regain its original nature even a little. Some places are not yet commercialized so they are still fresh. Once a certain location is commercialized, it will continue to be devastated so we have to take good care of the environment.