Most people of the world think of how to save the earth before its too late. Because of this, various programs are established in order to bring out the sustainable development proposal among so many countries headed by the United Nations. Due to this, many nations come to establish ways in order to contribute to the earth’s conservation and preservation of natural and limited resources that we have.

There are also programs to conserve energy such as establishment of windmills and solar energy plant. In the whole world are so many. This is why we can save what can be saved whether big nor small. We can realize so many things when we do cooperate with one another. If we work together, surely we can see the miracle of our goal. Many things are occurring in this age that we can not imagine. Perhaps, these are all destined to happen and that we can not solve it. No matter what happens, we shall find our way to help our younger generations survive on their last generations.

It is easy to start on the movement of sustainable development if we start implementing three Rs wherever we go, whether we are at home, parks, school, etc. This is because great things starts from small things. If we all start from within us and follow the implementation of all the movements for clean ups, and many more, we can make sure that we can move on to the next level of improvement. Sustainable development for life.