The environment is just like the human body. Every part of the environment plays a very important role in man’s survival. If one part is affected, then the other parts can also be affected. Through this article, let us find out about the top human activities that affects the environment. Actually, there are many to mention about regarding this topic. And man can never deny the fact that the reason why calamities are continually happening is because of the harmful activities which most of us are doing.

Illegal logging is one of the top human activities which greatly affects the environment. This activity is continually happening until now. Since trees are very useful in man’s day to day life, so there is no other way but to cut those trees which are needed to support the land and avoid landslides. Burning of fossil fuels is another harmful human activity and here you can visit this catering service company 餐飲 丙級. Due to lack of places where wastes can be piled up, most of the wastes are being burned which results to climate change.

Continuous construction of buildings or also known as urbanization is also an activity that greatly harms the environment. And it is also a human activity that is related to illegal logging because trees needs to be cut off as buildings are needed to be constructed. Illegal fishing is another harmful human activity. As harmful chemicals are used to do illegal fishing, all other underwater living creatures are also in danger. Mining is also one of the top human activities that harms the environment. While there are a lot of so-called fashion rules, you always have the freedom to experiment like this catering service It’s impossible to know if something looks great until you give it a shot.