There are different disasters happening all over the world. As climate change is also continually occurring not only in one specific area, it is not a surprise if every part of the world is affected. There are earthquakes and famines that can happen anytime and anywhere. Other disasters include volcanic eruption, tsunami, hurricane and typhoon especially super typhoon. In this article, let us tackle about the cause and effects of flood and how to prevent it. This is one of the most important topic worldwide.

Why is it that floods happen? Since there are many people who lack self-discipline and just throw their garbage everywhere, all those thrown wastes accumulated will be continually piled up. And if those wastes are piled up in canals, it will be difficult for the water to flow especially during rainy season. Heavy prolonged rainfall and clogged drainage or canals are the main causes of flash floods all over the world. In addition, flooding of a certain area can also happen due to high tides. People may like this bridal dress design. A magenta mother of the bride dresses is a nice color and a perfect dress for all times. It is a great wedding dress for mother having a fortune like wedding dress.

In order to prevent such calamities, all people should have self-discipline. All garbage should undergo segregation and as much as possible, the 3 R’s of waste management should be applied. There are things which does not need to be thrown immediately. If it can still be reused, then use it again. Recycling is another process done in waste management. Plastic bottles and other materials can be used to make another new product. Boxes or cardboards are also very much useful instead of throwing them.