The ecosystem is very important. In fact, if humans don’t care about the ecosystem, then everything will be in danger. Plants and animals play a very important role in the balance of the ecosystem. Since plants are the source of oxygen needed by animals and humans, it only means that plants must not be killed and destroyed. For animals especially herbivores, they need plants in order to survive. And for us humans, some of the plants are the source of our food and also medicine.

Everything needs to be balanced. Through animals, plants can also survive because animals releases carbon dioxide which is beneficial for plants during the process known as photosynthesis. And for us humans, we need both plants and animals in order for us to survive. So, if there is no balance in the ecosystem, all living creatures including us humans will die. This is why we need to continually sow seeds to keep the balance and animals should be protected and they must never go totally extinct.

In conclusion, the ecosystem needs to be balanced for the survival of all living creatures. Plants are very necessary for mankind’s survival. It does not only serve as food but also medicine. And because of some specific plants, there are shops and also restaurants being established. It also helps the economy of a country. It is the same with animals. Almost all kinds of animals are edible and for this reason, some became extinct. But thankfully, some endangered animals are under protection.