The environment is very important for every living organism including humans. In order to prolong our life on this planet Earth, we have to always maintain the cleanliness of our environment. How? There are many programs being implemented by the local, national, and even the international government. These programs will help to support the protection and maintenance of the environment’s cleanliness. Can all of us do it? If we don’t, there will be a dreadful expectation to happen in the near future!

According to the infographic above, one way to help protect the environment is through GMO’s or Genetically Modified Organisms. How can these organisms possibly help the environment? Studies have shown that by allowing these genetically modified organisms to grow, the depletion of natural resources will be lessened or even avoided. However, in every good thing that happens, there is always a negative effect, isn’t it?

By allowing these organisms to grow, it will bring advantages and disadvantages as well,  start reading here In fact, many countries have been doubting the safety of these products and they even want it to be labeled before selling it in the market.

These products may bring good benefits to us because the world’s population is rapidly increasing. Without these, the agricultural land will finally deplete because it must be cultivated always. If the land is continually being used without rest, it will not produce any crops at all. So, the solution for this problem is to continue to grow GMO’s. But in reality, it can bring more negative effect not only to the environment but especially to the life of every human being.