When the population of the world was still few, there were no records of different natural disasters or calamities especially global warming. Only the flood that happened during the time of Noah was the only record about a natural disaster until then. But if you observe, since the world’s population is continually increasing, many problems also arise which includes environmental problems. There are different reasons why natural disasters happen. Though the technology in the world is continually developing, there are some of its negative consequences.

In every part of the world, there are natural disasters that are happening. Tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, landslides and flash floods can happen at anytime. It will just happen suddenly and when that happens, there will be an emergency case. All men have the fear of death, isn’t it? Is there anyone who is not afraid to die? Due to natural disasters that are happening, many are being affected. Better to consult to this anti pest service company post here site www.antipestforme.com/.  For poor families, natural disasters seem to be simple yet at the same time, difficult to face.

All mankind are originally destined to suffer many things. Everyone needs to face all natural disasters. Though some of the disasters are unpredictable just like the earthquake, it cannot change the fact that many people lost their lives. Natural disasters do not simply threaten some members. It is actually man’d destiny. There are shocking disasters and also unbelievable. All over the world, there are different disasters that already happened and can happen again. Just like in the video, a sudden landslide, hurricane, lightning and thunderstorm can happen.