It is already normal for humans to experience natural disasters such as earthquake, typhoon, tsunami, volcanic eruption, and hurricane. Due to climate change and global warming, all countries around the world suffer from such natural disasters. There were many lives that were taken suddenly. There are natural disasters which are very difficult to predict especially the time when will that disaster happen. Earthquake is a very good example of a sudden natural disaster that can kill many lives within just a very short period of time.

For the people who live near the sea, they are more prone to experience tsunami or high tide. Even if there is no heavy rainfall or typhoon, a tsunami can also suddenly occur because of the movement of the tectonic plates caused by an earthquake. Aside from the natural disasters, there is a term called man-made disasters. This type of disaster is made by men. Actually, this refer to wars and terrorist attacks. And here there is this eye clinic that serves people best read page. Through the news, you can even hear about the nuclear war.

If missiles, bombs, grenades, nuclear weapons and chemical weapons are used during an upcoming war, then that would be a very great disaster. It would be greater than the natural disasters. Actually, when a war happens, there is a very big possibility that this world will totally be destroyed. In other words, it is not only one particular area which will suffer. Every part of the world will be in danger when all those weapons are released and everyone will disappear from the earth’s face. Girls love a dress that fits to their body shape. Cure your cataract problem. Get more facts from here 白內障. They serve you good.