For man’s survival on Earth, the need for natural resources is great. Without these resources, who on this planet Earth can survive? Let’s take water as an example. Can anyone survive without water? Everyone will agree that water is life. In other words, every living organism on this planet needs water the most in order to survive. Come to think of it, is our water enough or is it lacking? How many people live on this Earth? There are seven billion!

In addition to this, how many living organisms live together with us, humans? Remember that they also need water. Like this, if we calculate carefully, the water on this planet is not enough. And the water we are talking about is clean water! The water, which is the most important natural resource for mankind and all living organism is being affected by man’s activities.

It’s true that technology is continually advancing. However, because of this reason, water is becoming polluted. Many establishments are being built everywhere, factories continually release toxic chemicals that pollutes water, people who lack self-discipline just throw their garbage everywhere, these are few of the reasons why we lack clean water.

What about the forest? Forest is a home for various kinds of trees, plants, and every animal especially wild animals.  What is the state of our forest? Nowadays, news about landslide and extinction of wildlife is continually occurring. Why? This is because of man’s activities such as illegal logging that leads to deforestation and it greatly affects the inhabitants of the forest.

If these things continue to occur, how long will we be able to survive on this planet Earth?