This time is the most dangerous time since global climate change is becoming worse and worse. All newscasters are shouting aloud about scientific phenomena that are happening in this age. Many scientists have already given us the warning but people still can not see nor feel it. Lots of deadly phenomena have been experienced and that they have been threatening us for how may years.

These disasters caused by global warming wipes out many people. Global warming is can not be imagined in our life. This is why we must never forget that we have to burning of hazardous rubbers and so forth and so on. Global warming must be stopped and before its too late. Actually, the signs of global warming are seen nowadays. There has been massive melting of glaciers in the north and south pole.

The usual temperature has risen up during the last decade. Everything worse about climate change has happened during the past ten years.

A lot of things we make sure in order to avoid all these things that we happening. If these will not be prevented, then the earth will surely come to its end. There are so many things that we can do in order to stop climate change. Vehicles, factories, burning stuffs contributors of climate change. If only all countries use vehicles powered by battery and not run by fuel. Let us all preserve our nature and find ways to stop the worst things that are happening to our environment so that we can still breathe even tomorrow.